Everyone does it. We all have to stop.

Image: Geralt for Pixabay

When you are a Brit in Italy the temptation to use stereotypes is almost overwhelming. I can’t tell you how many expats, usually English, I have met who spend a disproportionate amount of time telling you what “the Italians” are like, what they do, how they behave, and how much…

Yes, yes, yes! We all have “those songs”- the ones that stir your soul and quicken your heartbeat. Here are mine… You’re welcome.

Image by Schaferle for Pixabay

Unless you have been living in a cave you will have heard of ASMR — known colloquially as a brain orgasm. …

-that’s pretty much everyone

Image by Yerson Ratamal: Pixabay

So, you think you have nothing to say? That you are a small, insignificant voice in a world of shouty people. That you will never fit the mold because there is nothing special about you and no-one could possibly want to read about your thoughts and feelings, hopes and fears.

Need a creative boost? Paint your space the color of a poet’s inkwell or a witch’s hat. I dare you.

Image: Fiona Cameron Lister

When I was 13 years old in the 1970s, my dad said I could paint my bedroom whatever color I wanted. Being a strange girl, fascinated by the supernatural, death and darkness, I chose deep brown walls and deeper brown paintwork. …

How liminal space theory and a dash of Renaissance wisdom can help when your life is between acts.

Florence, Tuscany Image: ELG21 Pixabay

Throbbing with life 24/7, Piazza Santo Spirito, in Florence’s achingly cool Oltrarno district, has been a meeting place since medieval times. Edged with gasp-inducing 15th and 16th-century buildings (including Palazzo Guadagni, on whose chilly candlelit balcony my chaplain husband, wearing army dress uniform, proposed) it is dominated by a Renaissance…

Grabbing grief by the balls.

Image: Fiona Cameron Lister

In a dazzle of moves the funeral director closed the program on his computer, fiddled with his fly and leapt to his feet. We hovered at the doorway, not quite believing what we had seen.

Signore, ladies, good afternoon. Please, take a seat.”

I shot a glance at Judith. Yet…

I’m bright, well-educated, liberal, not a Covid denier, an anti-vaxxer or a conspiracy theorist, just a normal person. So what is going on?

Image Gianni Crestani from Pixabay

My friend Helen messaged me. “They’ve got the vaccine in Tuscany!!! I managed to get on the list!!! Here’s the link, don’t be put off if you can’t get an appointment, it took me three goes!!!”

Helen likes the idea of the vaccine as much as she likes exclamation marks…

Did one of the world’s greatest forgotten civilizations build pyramids? I decide to find out.

The Sasso del Predicatore, Bomarzo Photo: Salvatore Fosci

I’ve had a thing about pyramids ever since visiting Mexico in the early 1980s. I went to Teotihuacàn, location of an ancient complex dating back to 200 ACE which contained the third-largest pyramid in the world, the Pyramid of the Sun. In those pre-digital camera days, I documented the event…

Fiona Cameron Lister

Experienced British writer/ghostwriter/editor in Italy | MWC semi-finalist| Loves history, nature writing, unusual subjects| https://www.spiderywriting.com

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