A Short-Sighted Approach to Life

I dallied with sharp vision but believe me, blurry is best

A round thing and some other things. Image courtesy of Stocksnap: Pixabay.

Fantasy Versus Reality

Putting Things in Your Eyes

An Upside of Not Seeing

Hurrah! I married the right man, his distinctive clothes being a helpful pointer as I went down the aisle blind as a bat. Image: Bob Blesse

The (Short) Quest for Perfect Vision

Fantasy versus reality… Image courtesy of Dirk Schumacher, Pixabay

Fast forward several years.

Me and my pony. Image courtesy of cronsten, Pixabay.

British Writer, Editor in Tuscany, Italy. Topics: Nature, Ancient History, Spirituality. https://www.twinclianpress.com twitter: @writerinitaly

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