The Secrets Hidden in Achilles’ Shield

How a retired foresight scientist’s unusual approach has led to rethinking Troy’s location and the motives for the Trojan War.

The new shield of Achilles, the key to unlocking Troy’s secrets. Image: Sybren Vlasblom.

The poems that prompted the quest

The epic poem that started it all… Image: Tbel Abuseridze, Unsplash

“As a scientist, I disliked the fact everyone was saying the same thing about Troy — that it was Greek and on the coast of Turkey.”

The shield as catalyst

The metal that launched a thousand ships

Newgrange monument and close up of art by the Knowth passage tomb, Neolithic Brú na Bóinn complex, Ireland. Images: Hbieser, Pixabay and Henk van Oosten
Adolf Schulten has almost mythical status in Spain for his groundbreaking research. Image: Henk van Oosten
Tin was crucial to the bronze-making process. Image: Skeeze,Pixabay

Troy is the name for the rock that used to be known as “Grey Rock in the forest” and “Iktin”. We know it today as St. Michael’s Mount.

St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall — could it be Troy? Image: Roger Thissen, Pixabay

The shield yields more

The Trojan horse at Hissarlik. The ruse that defeated the Trojans was Odysseus’ idea. Image: M.H. Snoek-Blom
The Atlantic, a daunting challenge for any sailor, with no orientation points visible for weeks. Image: Henk van Oosten.
Navigating from Norfolk USA via the Azores to Huelva (Ithaca)in August 1400 BC showing the two vertical stars Saiph (Orion) with Aldebaran (Hyades) on the eastern horizon. Image: Robert van Raffe
One of the islands in the Azores, the possible location of Ogygia, “navel of the sea.” Image: Rui Silveira, Pixabay

A real story about real people

The Odyssey is a coded sea chart containing hidden knowledge…

Henk van Oosten’s personal Odyssey to apply innovative thinking skills to track down ancient Troy is an inspiration to all of us. Images: Henk van Oosten

British Writer, Editor in Tuscany, Italy. Topics: Nature, Ancient History, Spirituality. twitter: @writerinitaly

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