The Surprising Location of Atlantis

Could the answer to one of the world’s greatest mysteries have been under our noses all this time?

The astounding Newgrange monument, County Meath, Ireland. Image: Shutterstock

Just the facts please

When you strip back the Atlantis legend to its very core, there are three key factors:

  • Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic Ocean
  • The Atlanteans were an advanced Stone Age seafaring people, a ‘mother culture’
The wild and dramatic island of Ireland, its shores lashed by the Atlantic. Is it Atlantis? Image: Shutterstock

The Egyptian Connection

The Egyptian civilisation predated that of the Greeks by thousands of years.

The Atlantic Location

The most obvious characteristic of Atlantis is that it was an island located in the Atlantic Ocean.

Ireland fits many of Plato’s descriptions of Atlantis. Image: Brin Weins, Pixabay
  • Plato’s Atlantis has a temperate climate capable of producing two crops per year. Ireland has one of the most temperate climates on earth and to this day is capable of producing two crops a year: winter and spring barley. Meanwhile, Ireland’s Ceide fields are the oldest agricultural fields in the world.
  • Plato’s Atlantis has many hot and cold springs. Ireland has 27 warm springs and thousands of cold ones, known locally as “holy wells”.

Irish Tsunami?

Plato describes how Atlantis was ‘swallowed by the sea’. This is reference to a huge tsunami which decimated Stone Age Ireland. Virtually every culture on Earth has an origin story involving a great deluge. What is unique about the Irish is they have several records of life before, during and after this great flood. The ancient Irish annals even contain the names of the flood survivors who managed to escape by boat or survived by reaching higher ground. On Ireland’s western coast there are folk tales of a giant tsunami around 12,000 years ago. Similar tales are found in Iona, Scotland.

A tsunami devastated Ireland 6000 years ago, could it have happened before? Image: Elias Sch, Pixabay

Pre-flood occupation

Scientists used to work on the assumption that Ireland was completely frozen over during the Ice Age, and therefore uninhabitable, until around 10,000 years ago. This assumption has been shattered by recent evidence.

Ireland was not completely covered in ice during the Ice Age. Image: Pixabay

Stone Age builders and sailors

It’s also well known that Ireland’s Stone Age constructions were built long before the Egyptian pyramids and temples.

One of Ireland’s ancient monuments. Image: roger Mock, Pixabay.

More links

If Atlantis and Ireland are one and the same and some of the survivors of the tsunami escaped by boat to Egypt, then you would expect there to be clear links between the two places. There are many such links. One of the most interesting of these is genetic.

Red hair, blue eyes, white skin — the rarest genetic combination on earth. Image: Ambermb, Pixabay

Druid Circles

Perhaps most telling of all is the Nabta Playa stone circle, which is located 500 miles south of Cairo, deep in the Nubian desert, an area that once enjoyed seasonal rainfall and fertile soil. Nabta Playa is one of the oldest stone circles in the world and its construction predates the Egyptian civilization which followed.

A druid circle in Ireland. Image: Shutterstock

The Greek and druid connection

There is a belief that all the world’s religions and civilisations have their roots in Irish Druidism, a master philosophy which predated and influenced all the others.

Games, law and language

The Irish civilization was already old when the Greek one was just developing. For example, the Irish Tailtean games, an ancient festival of funerary games which was revived in the 1920s, are believed to predate the Greek Olympics by more than 1,000 years, with some sources claiming they began around 1800 BC.

Ireland’s language: Gaelic. The ancient verson of Gaelic was written using the Ogham alphabet. Image: Pixabay.

In conclusion

This article outlines just a few of the many pieces of evidence illustrating the advanced nature of ancient Irish society and how it is a very credible candidate for Atlantis.

British Writer, Editor in Tuscany, Italy. Topics: Nature, Ancient History, Spirituality. twitter: @writerinitaly

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