What I’ve Learned From Being in Italy During Coronavirus

90 days ago I watched with disbelief as Florence shut down. Here’s what my friends and I think now we’ve emerged from lockdown.

Image: Argo Images, Pixabay

Coronavirus: My Unlikely Muse

Image Jill Wellington, Pixabay

The Lifting of Lockdown

When I ventured into the local bar I was greeted by a neighbour extending an extended pinkie finger which I tapped with mine

Image: Mircea Iandu, Pixabay

The Numbers Now

Image: Rottonara, Pixabay

How I Feel Now

What People are Saying

Image: Tumisu, Pixabay

Is the Risk Real?

Fear and War

Image: Jesse Bridgewater, Pixabay

It’s not new to use military metaphor about contagious diseases

The Way Forward

Image: Annca, Pixabay.

British Writer, Editor in Tuscany, Italy. Topics: Nature, Ancient History, Spirituality. https://www.twinclianpress.com twitter: @writerinitaly

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