Why the Romans Don’t Want You to Know About the Etruscans

They’re the influential civilization hardly anyone’s heard of. Time to redress the balance.

“I sposi” (the married couple), detail from an Etruscan sarcophagus. Image: Dreamstime


“They are the teachers of our teachers”

My Etruscan coin, found metal detecting in my garden. Our house is a stone’s throw from an Etruscan altar. Images: Fiona Cameron Lister

Etruscan origins

The writing and the language

If you imagine trying to construct a history of our own civilization based solely on what you find written in cemeteries, then you will have a fair idea of the problem.

Etruscan writing from an image in The Land of the Etruscans. Photo: Fiona Cameron Lister
The Pyrgi Tablets, taken from an image in the book The Land of the Etruscans. Photo: Fiona Cameron Lister

Natural resources

An Etruscan pot, very much influenced by the Greek style. Image: Fiona Cameron Lister

Growing power, fading power

The ultimate symbolof Rome, the “Capitoline wolf” feeding Romulus and Remus. Did you know the wolf is an Etruscan bronze? It sums up the true influence of Etruria on Rome, hidden in plain sight. The children were a later addition. Image: Pixabay.
The Etruscans loved horses and they featured prominently in their art. Image: Fiona Caneron Lister

Gods and divination

Interpreting lightning was part of the Etruscan divination system. Image: Pixabay

Twisting history

Having a good time, Etruscan-style,in the Tomb of the Leopards, Tarquinia. Image: Dreamstime

Early discoveries

The chimera, symbol of Arezzo. This Etruscan bronze is in Florence Archaelogical Museum. Image: dreamstime

Recent discoveries

Gone but not forgotten

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