You Bought Me What?

They say it’s better to give than to receive. I’m not so sure.

For you… Photo courtesy of Pixabay

…this is what I consider a real present. Something from the heart, from nature, not given for any particular reason and not expected…

A metal detector with a spade — two wonderful gifts in my opinion. Photo courtesy of Pixabay

The Evidence

Who wouldn’t want to adopt you? You can even write letters! Photo courtesy of Pixabay
The beeswax acorn plaque Photo: Fiona Cameron Lister

New Regime

My sister and brother-in-law returned the metal detector and used the money to buy a big jigsaw. Apparently, they love doing jigsaws. I had no idea.

British Writer, Editor in Tuscany, Italy. Topics: Nature, Ancient History, Spirituality. twitter: @writerinitaly

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